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Being Human Festival 2020 – White Rose Circle Café

The White Rose Project was delighted to be part of this year’s Being Human Festival of the Humanities. This year’s theme was ‘New Worlds’. The White Rose Project was selected to host one of the festival’s café events. Dr Karolina Watroba moderated the proceedings, and Dr Alex Lloyd gave a presentation on the White Rose circle’s resistance pamphlets. These texts were inspired by literature and philosophy and include quotations from a wide range of sources, from Goethe to the ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi. Alex writes: 

The White Rose proves a particularly pertinent example for the aims of the Being Human Festival which emphasises that ‘the humanities inspire and enrich our everyday lives’, and ‘can help us to understand ourselves, our relationships with others and the challenges we face in a changing world’. The individuals involved in the White Rose wanted to expand their worldview, through reading, conversation, debate and discussion, just as the National Socialist system in which they lived was trying to reduce their world and narrow their horizons.

In the second half of the event, we focussed on a central question: How can culture inspire us to create a better world? We asked participants to bring along a quotation that inspires or resonates with them. We then considered how these phrases could inspire us to create a better world. What does a world look like where this phrase is a guiding principle? What ideas lie behind it? We had a lively discussion of some fascinating quotations. 

We’d like to thank those who came for their contributions and enthusiasm. 

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