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White Rose Project and SANSARA receive university funding for podcast series

We are thrilled to announce that the White Rose Project has received a Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund Award from the University of Oxford. Dr Alex Loyd will be working with the award-winning vocal ensemble SANSARA choir and its Artistic Director, Tom Herring, to develop and produce a new podcast series: ‘Resistance – The Story of the White Rose’. The series will combine newly translated letters, diaries, and pamphlets with choral music to create an emotive and haunting sound world, befitting this remarkable and timely story of resistance to extremism. The members of the White Rose witnessed at first hand the persecution and suffering cause by Nazism and World War II. They had a passionate belief in the freedom of the individual and social responsibility and turned their outrage into action. It was their serious engagement with a wide range of cultural influences and experiences which made that possible. As they boldly declared in one of their anti-fascist resistance pamphlets: “We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will never leave you in peace!”.

This work builds on the collaboration between the White Rose Project and SANSARA that culminated in the event ‘Voices of the German Resistance’ on 22 February 2020.

Tom Herring, Dr Alex Lloyd and Dr Vicky McGuiness at the Ashmolean Museum for the Big Tent Live Event, July 2020

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