Coming Up

Saturday 18 February 2023, 7.30pm | Performance: ‘The White Rose Resistance – Reflections in Image, Word, and Song’:

Past Events

Wednesday 22 June 2022, 2pm | ‘Defying Hitler: The White Rose Pamphlets’ | Alexandra Lloyd, Rachel Herring & Amy Wilkinson at the Chalke Valley History Festival.

30 March 2022, 6pm | Dr Alex Lloyd will be taking part in this year’s Oxford Literary Festival, speaking about her new book, ‘Defying Hitler: The White Rose Pamphlets’ (Bodleian Library Publishing, 2022). Booking required.

26 February 2022 | Talk: Making Hard Choices: What We Can Learn from the White Rose Students, Taunton Talks, Oxford

7 May 2021 | Colloquium: The White Rose and the Uses of Culture, University of Oxford, Online

21 November 2021 | Workshop: The White Rose Cafe, Being Human Festival of the Humanities, Online

15 – 27 February 2021 | Social Media Storytelling: The White Rose in Real Time

16 July 2020 | Talk: Big Tent Live Event, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) Online

17 and 18 March 2020 | Symposium: White Rose Resistance, St Edmund Hall, Oxford (Cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic)

17 March 2020 | Concert: The White Rose in Text and Song, The Queen’s College, Oxford (Cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic)

22 February 2020 | Concert: Voices of the German Resistance, University Church of St Mary the Virgin

18 May 2019 – 7 July 2019 | Exhibition: White Rose: Writing and Resistance, Bodleian Library

12 October 2018 | Launch of the Project, Taylor Institution Library